Electronic Charity

Without getting out of your computer chair, there is something you can do to make the world a better place. One way to do this is through the following legitimate websites. Visit them every day to help out for free with just a click of the mouse button.

*FreeRice.com – feed the hungry 10 grains of rice per correct word
*The Hunger Site feed the hungry
*Feed Kids in Argentina
*Polish Hunger Site
*Help Children In Need
*Fight Cancer
*The Breast Cancer Site fund mammograms for free
*Prevent Breast Cancer take 12 steps to eliminate environmental causes of breast cancer
*The Child Health Site protect children’s health
*Stop Violence Against Women
*The Literacy Site give the gift of reading by funding free books
*The Rainforest Site preserve endangered rainforest land
*Save the Rainforest
*The Animal Health Site fund food for animals in shelters
*Help Pets in Need
*Plant an Oak Tree
*Help Keep the Oceans Clean
*Stop Global Warming offset one pound of carbon emissions
*Keep America Beautiful support recycling
*Save Baby Seals
*Save Chimps
*Save Big Cats tigers, jaguars, & snow leopards
*Protect Threatened Wolves


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