On the Legitimacy of Several Medieval Popes

Originally posted 6/11/2010.

A good-faith proposed solution to the rivalry between (1) Leo VIII and Benedict V and (2) Sylvester III and Benedict IX.

John XII, Leo VIII, & Benedict V
1. Leo VIII (12/6/963-3/1/965) was rivals with John XII (12/16/955-5/14/964) and Benedict V (5/22/964-7/4/965); John XII was certainly not validly deposed,{1} and Benedict V was most likely forcibly “degraded”{2}; for sundry reasons, I cannot rationally sustain the thesis that Leo VIII was ever true pope.{3}

John X, Leo VI, & Stephen VII
2. We need not question the legitimacy of Leo VI and Stephen VII, because John X died in 6/928, according to Kirsch, McKenna, and Fr. Brusher, which means that John X died before Leo VI and afterward Stephen VII sat on the Chair of St. Peter. Leo VI ruled from 6/928 to early 929, according to Fr. Mann, Fr. Brusher, Zimmermann, and Jaffé [I:312-313]. Stephen VII (1/929-2/931) was the successor of Leo VI.
Benedict IX, Gregory VI, Sylvester III, Clement II, & Damasus II
3. It seems that the infamous Benedict IX did not have three terms as pope. Sylvester III (1/20/1045-3/10/1045; †1063) was an intruder, because he usurped the throne of Benedict IX. Dr. Warren Carroll says, “there is no power on earth which may depose a Pope. Any duly elected Pope remains therefore in office until he dies or resigns.”{4} Benedict remained true pope from 10/21/1032 until his abdication on 5/1/1045. At that point John Gratian gave him a pension to support his post-abdication livelihood, and Gratian reluctantly accepted election as Gregory VI; he abdicated to avoid the scandal of outward appearance of simony on 12/20/1046.{5} Since Benedict IX was not re-elected to the papacy after he abdicated,{6} he was antipope from 11/8/1047 to 7/16/1048 and any later time he claimed to be supreme pontiff. Therefore Clement II (12/25-1046-10/9/1047) and Damasus II (7/17/1048-8/9/1048), and all post-1045 popes who reigned while the ex-pontiff was alive, were certainly legitimate popes.
4. I pray that the next Annuario Pontificio will clear up the various medieval parties’ irreconcilable claims to the papal throne, namely, (1) Leo VIII vs. Benedict V; and (2) Sylvester III vs. Benedict IX.
Notes & References
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