Noteworthy Posts

Originally posted 3/14/2010.

Check out these cool posts on other blogs:
*The “Catholic” John Calvin: 50 Areas Where His Views Are Harmonious With Catholic Teaching – Dave Armstrong (3/12/2010)
*Cristian Ciopron on the Transfiguration – Dr. Peter Gilbert (3/12/2010)
*Lenten Reflections: Suffering – Papsttreu (3/12/2010)
*Newton Against the Trinity (Re-post) – Prof. Brandon Watson (3/14/2010)
*The Practical Power of Penitence – Fr. Dwight Longenecker (3/16/2010)
*Resources on Canon 915 – Dr. Edward Peters (3/15/2010)
*Sedevacantism and the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law – Papsttreu (2/26/2010)
*Sedevacantism Revisited – Papsttreu (2/17/2010)
*Solidarity (Fr. Nicolas Schwizer) – Teófilo de Jesús (3/3/2010)
*Unity Through Mary – Br. Gabriel Thomas, O.P. (10/16/2009)
*What Did Jesus Look Like? – Msgr. Charles Pope (3/16/2010)
*Why the Senate bill is anti-life, in 150 words – Thomas Peters (3/16/2010)


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