Thanks to Sts. Raphael and Phanourios

Originally posted 3/5/2010.

Thank you, Sts. Raphael the Archangel and Phanourios the Newly-Revealed Great-Martyr of Rhodes for speedily curing me, a sinner, of a bothersome throat malady! Pray for the salvation of all us sinners! Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. I love you, Lord Jesus.
Apolytikion (Troparion) – Tone 4
A Heavenly song of praise is chanted radiantly upon the earth; the company of Angels now joyfully celebrateth an earthly festival, and from on high with hymns they praise thy contests, and from below the Church doth proclaim the Heavenly glory which thou hast found by thy labors and struggles, O glorious Phanourios.

Kontakion – Tone 3
Thou didst save the Priests from an ungodly captivity, and didst break their bonds by Divine power, O godly-minded one; thou didst bravely shame the audacity of the tyrants, and didst gladden the orders of the Angels, O Great Martyr. Wherefore, we honor thee, O divine warrior, glorious Phanourios.


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