Antipope Sylvester III Bibliography

Originally posted 1/20/2010.

Update 6/10/2010: I regard Sylvester III (r. 1/20/1045-2/10/1045; †1063) as an antipope rivaling the true pope, the notoriously wicked Benedict IX, because, as Dr. Warren H. Caroll says, “there is no power on earth which may depose a Pope. Any duly elected Pope remains therefore in office until he dies or resigns.”{1}

Notes & References
{1} Carroll, Dr. Warren H. “Anti-Popes.” Eternal World Television Network. 10 Jun. 2010 <>.

Here is the bibliography:
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  1. […] II, & Damasus II 3. It seems that the infamous Benedict IX did not have three terms as pope. Sylvester III (1/20/1045-3/10/1045; †1063) was an intruder, because he usurped the throne of Benedict IX. Dr. Warren Carroll says, […]

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