Hell Is Not Empty

November 12, 2009

Originally posted 11/12/2009.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

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V. Palamism’s principal opponents. Their doctrine on the light of Tabor

November 9, 2009

Originally posted 11/9/2009.

Here is an ongoing rough translation of part of Fr. Martin Jugie, A.A. (1878-1954), “Palamite (Controverse),” in: M. Vacant et al., eds., Dictionnaire de théologie catholique, tome XI/2 (Paris 1932), cols. 1777-1818. Many thanks to Dr. Peter Gilbert of De Unione Ecclesiarum for sending me the French text. N.B. I know a very small amount of Greek, and I have trouble distinguishing the diacritical marks due to the printing quality of the DTC. If something strikes you as nonsensical, please help me correct any mistakes.

V. Palamism’s principal opponents. Their doctrine on the light of Tabor (col. 1802)
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The Photian Robber Council of 879-880

November 4, 2009

Originally posted 10/27/2009.

Pope John VIII mercifully reinstated Patriarch St. Photios the Great of Constantinople, but this was the extent of his approval of the acts of the 879-880 Council of Constantinople (Mann 270).{1} I don’t know how people like Fr. George Dion Dragas can seriously maintain that this fraud-riddled council is a fully binding ecumenical council.

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Metropolitan St. Michael I of Kiev

November 3, 2009

Originally posted 11/6/2008.

1. September 30 is the feast day of Metropolitan St. Michael I of Kiev. In 989 Patriarch Nicholas II Chrysoberges of Constantinople sent Greek and Bulgarian clergymen, including Metropolitan St. Michael, to Kiev at the invitation of the recently baptized King St. Vladimir I the Great. St. Michael brought Slavonic church service books, holy relics, icons, and church furnishings to Kiev, and he baptized King St. Vladimir’s 12 sons and the Kievan citizens who went to the Dnieper River.

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Cappadocian Theology Midterm

November 3, 2009

Originally posted 11/2/2009.

Here is what I wrote on the Cappadocian criteria for spiritual leadership for my 10/26/2009 Cappadocian Theology Midterm. Happily, I got a B (84). The commentary of Dr. Demacopoulos: “Everything you provide is accurate and important but your argument is not necessarily well organized and you simply leave out other important details and texts.” His evaluation is accurate and was what I anticipated. Here’s what I wrote (no edits):

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Church Fathers: Mary is the Queen of Heaven

November 2, 2009

Originally posted 3/6/2009.

The Church Fathers acknowledged the queenly dignity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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