Timeline of the Deaths of the Twelve Apostles

Originally posted 8/11/2009.

These are the probable dates and manners of death of each of the saintly Twelve Apostles.

44 St. James the Greater beheaded with a sword in Jerusalem by Herod Agrippa I [Acts 12:1-2].
60 St. Matthew burned alive upside down without bodily harm in Ethiopia.
11/30/60 St. Andrew the First-Called (προτοκλήτος) bound and crucified on decussate cross in Patras by order of Roman Governor Aegeas.
62 St. James the Just, first Bishop of Jerusalem, thrown off the roof of the Temple, stoned, and beaten with clubs as he prayed for his attackers.
63 St. Matthias, the replacement [Acts 1:23-26] for the damned traitor Judas Iscariot [Ps 109:7; Jn 17:12; Acts 1:20], stoned and beheaded in Jerusalem with a halberd or ax.
64 St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles and first Bishop of Rome (Pope), crucified upside down in Rome.
65 St. Jude Thaddeus fatally beaten and then beheaded with a halberd in Suanir, Persia.
65 St. Simon the Zealot sawn in half in Suanir, Persia. He did not succeed St. James the Just as Bishop of Jerusalem, because he, unlike the St. Simeon (son of St. Clopas) who was the second bishop of Jerusalem (crucified 107), died before St. John the Apostle († 100).
68 St. Bartholomew (Nathaniel) crucified upside down, flayed alive, and beheaded in Albanopolis (Baku), Armenia by order of Astyages upon the conversion of his brother, King Polymius of Armenia.
72 St. Thomas pierced with five spears while in prayer on a hill in Mylapore, India.
81 St. Philip crucified upside down and stoned in Hieropolis under Emperor Domitian at the age of 87 [Golden Legend of Bl. Jacobus de Voragine].
9/26/100 St. John the Theologian voluntarily buried alive outside of Ephesus and his body disappears.


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