Free Books You Should Read

Originally posted 10/17/2009.

Church History
*Darras, Joseph-Epiphane. A General History of the Catholic Church vol. II. New York: Excelsior Catholic Publishing House, 1898. <>.
*Parsons, Rev. Reuben, D.D. Studies in Church History: Volume III: Centuries XV-XVI 2nd ed. New York and Cincinnati: Fr. Pustet & Co., 1897. <>.

*Mansi, Gian Domenico. Sacrorum Conciliorum Nova Amplissima Collectio. 31 vols. <>.

Dogmatic Theology (General)
*Denzinger, Heinrich Joseph Dominicus. Sources of Catholic Dogma.

Immaculate Conception
*Bryant, John Delavau, M.D. The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God: A Dogma of the Catholic Church. Boston: Patrick Donahoe, 1855. <>.
*Lambruschini, Cardinal Luigi. A Polemical Treatise on the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin. New York: D. & J. Sadlier & Co., 1855. <>.
*Ullathorne, Archbishop William Bernard. The Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God: An Exposition. London: Richardson & Son, 1855. <>.

*Del Val, Archbishop Raphael Merry, D.D. The Truth of Papal Claims. St. Louis, Missouri: B. Herder, 1904. <>.
*Kenrick, Francis Patrick. The Primacy of the Apostolic See Vindicated. Baltimore: John Murphy & Co., 1855. <>.
*Mann, Horace Kinder. The Lives of the Popes In The Early Middle Ages vol. IV. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Co., Ltd., 1910. <>.
*Pastor, Dr. Ludwig. The History of the Popes From the Close of the Middle Ages vol. VI, 2nd ed. London: Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Co., Ltd., 1901. <>.
*Rivington, Rev. Luke, M.A. The Primitive Church and the See of Peter. London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1894. <>.
*Weninger, Rev. Francis Xavier, S.J., D.D. On the Apostolical and Infallible Authority of the Pope, When Teaching the Faithful, and On His Relation to a General Council 2nd ed. New York: D. & J. Sadlier & Co., 1869. <>.

*Darboy, Georges. Œuvres de Saint Denys l’Aréopagite. Paris: Sagnier et Bray, 1845. <>.

Patrologia Latina
*PL 98.

Patrologia Graeca
*PG 76 (St. Cyril of Alexandria).
*PG 160 (Patriarch Gregory III Mammas of Constantinople, Patriarch Gennadios II Scholarios of Constantinople, Georgius Gemistus Plethon, Matthew Camariota, Metropolitan Mark Eugenikos of Ephesus, Pope Nicholas V of Rome.

Patrologia Orientalis
*PO 17.

Systematic Theology
*Aquinas, St. Thomas. Summa Contra Gentiles: On God and His Creatures. Trans. Joseph Rickaby, S.J., M.A. London: Burnes and Oates, 1905. <>.
*Aquinas, St. Thomas. Summa Theologica. Trans. Fathers of the English Dominican Province, 2nd ed. New York: Bensiger Brothers, 1920. <>.


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