Bl. Theodoret Is A Church Father

Originally posted 8/25/2009.

Theodoret of Cyrus is not a Church Father

In the eighth session of Chalcedon (the Fourth Ecumenical Council) on 10/26/451, the Holy Fathers, with papal approbation, declared the “very reverend bishop Theodoret” to be an “orthodox doctor” [Mansi vii:190CD] after the latter anathematized the heresiarchs Nestorios and Eutyches. Popes Vigilius, Pelagius I, Pelagius II, and the Doctor St. Gregory I the Great of Rome (9/3) all praised Bl. Theodoret, as did Patriarch St. Photios the Great of Constantinople (2/6), who called him a “divine man” [Bibliotheca 204 in PG 102:676B]. Even though in 553 Constantinople II (the Fifth Ecumenical Council) anathematized Thedoret’s confused writings [PG 76:392B449C] against Patriarch St. Cyril I of Alexandria [Canon 13 in Mansi ix:386CD], it did not condemn the person of Theodoret, who shunned the Nestorian heresy and is and will always be, thanks to Chalcedon, a Father of the Church.


4 Responses to Bl. Theodoret Is A Church Father

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